If you feel obsessed to prove something to the world in a pretence way,
then you’d need to be ready to face disgrace from the world. KAATACHI is a movie full of suspense and so many lessons. Watch out!!!

A mathematician is an individual who proves his ignorance with equations while a pretender and self claimed successful person claims his stupidity by pretending to be who he is not. WATCH KAATACHI as we unfold a secret yet uncovered. Coming soon!!!


Just as the saying goes that Beauty without Brain is just a display of cosmetic jaggons. As Kiraa TV continue in the search of discovering new talents, we present to you ABIODUN AYOBAMI, A beautiful actor with brain and so much swags. The movie industry is about to see real acting without stress. Watchout for ABIODUN AYOBAMI in the series KAATACHI.


So many talents are out there which are very good and worth promoting but to be discovered. Kehinde Olusola Damilare is one of the so many talents discovered by Kiraa TV who is extra ordinarily good as an actor. Write down today’s date and quote Kiraa TV that we said he is one of the so many talents that will be revealed by Kiraa TV. Watch out for KEHINDE OLUSOLA DAMILARE in KAATACHI


Irebami Olakanmi, a producer, screenwriter, content creator and a cinematographer is one of the most industrous movie makers Nigeria currently possessed. She is the producer of the much talked about movie, IRORA. Her will and passion to succeed in her career took her to kiraatv. She is currently one of the most hardworking movie makers in @kiraatv. Irebami is a co-producer of KAATACHI. She is ready to show you another banger in KAATACHI. Watch out!!!!


Kazeem Atinuke is one actor that will make you laugh even when you think you can’t. She created her own kind of style in comedy and it paid off in the industry. She is a fan to so many movie lovers. Watch out for her in KAATACHI, a story inspired by a true life story.


iyagbonkan is one of the few old actors who will always give you value for your money when on set. She is ready to deliver to her fans what they want to see. KAATACHI is an inspiration from a true life story which is very inspiring. Watch out for her in KAATACHI as produced by Irebami Olakanmi and Quadri Bankole and fully powered and packaged by kiraa TV


Olayiwola Marooph is another comic actor who you will never be with without opening your teeth in laughter. He is such an actor that will deliver his lines to the happiness of all directors. He is ready to crack your ribs in KAATACHI, a story inspired by a true life story.


Jaye Kuti is one of the most sought after actor in the yoruba movie industry. Her ability to deliver lines with all seriousness and body language is one of the many reasons why she is so loved by her fans all around the world. The beautiful actor is ready to give you a very good value for your money as she feature in KAATACHI.


Muyiwa Adegoke is one comical actor that will always make you open your teeth in laughter even if you are sad. His pattern of comedy is so unique that even co-actor will have no choice but to laugh when on the same set with with londoner. No wonder @kiraatv carefully selected him to be one of the casts in KATAACHI. This isn’t just a youtube series, it’s a class of series with a difference….KATAACHI!!!!


Okiki Oshin, is one of the very comic actors that has achieved a lot been a comedian. He was born to the family of Ogunsekan of the Oke Ogun quarters in Oyo state. His versatile way of delivering his lines and ability to interprete his role very well has earned him the love of so many comedy lovers around the globe. You thought you have seen the best of him? I bet you have not until you start seeing KATAACHI, a movie inspired by a true life story.


Adegoke Adekola Ayanfẹ is a very handsome, focussed and Energetic actor who is also a producer. He is a rare talent wasting away until kiraa TV picked him up and made him a sought after actor today after his role in a movie titled ÌRORA produced by Irebami Olakanmi. He is an actor to watch out for in the movie industry. Watch out for him in KAATACHI, a story inspired by a true life story.

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