The root of love is give and take, sharing of everything with mutual understanding to grow the strength and affection that comes with it. Like love can’t be personal even though, one can give it to self before the emotional connection with another person but the true test of love is when you are able to love someone else with everything you have and all you want to become.

Many obstacles to this course that binds the two gender together, but the most profound one is finances and this nowadays has affected so many relationships. While some people believes that love is natural, some will say, love without financial drive is nothing. Truly, money has it is known to be the root of evil is also the drive of human activities, family strength amongst parents and children, religious growth, economic development and the real deal that bring about longevity in true love. We can just say after true love comes money.

At kiraatv, we love our audience and we are always ready to celebrate with them at every season, here is the season of love, called St. Valentine. The season of affection, emotion, attention and connection, when lovers, friends, relatives and family come together to celebrate one another.

The above narrative has explained the atmosphere and how important this season of love is to the world, especially for lovers in relationships and marriage. Looking at the scenario of love and the responsibilities of each gender, men are known to be the carrier of financial burden in every relationship.

Love truly is the bedrock of every relationship but money is very important to sparkle the light and grow it to the next level, while everyone is awaiting the love in the air atmosphere of valentine, so many relationship will witness a change from positive to negative while so many platonic friendship will metamorphose to love due to the effect of money, outing and materials.

A responsible lady in a relationship once said “if my boyfriend is not financially buoyant for our valentine outing, there is nothing bad to foot the bill” so many people said she is wrong as it is the sole responsibility of her boyfriend to be responsible financially in any condition of their relationship.

With the condition of this time, as a man with a financial shortfall, will you allow your girlfriend or wife to foot the bill of your valentine outing or you will rather stay indoor to celebrate with the little resources available, and for the women and ladies, will you volunteer to carry the financial responsibilities of your outing with your man this valentine? Going by the fact that love is mutual and we should also have mutual responsibilities to grow the relationship.


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